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What's new in DIDM

Barely a day before the retirement of PDDG ARTURO G CACDAC, JR, the Deputy Chief for Administration of the Philippine National Police on September 5, 2012 at the NationalHeadquarters, PNP Camp Crame, Quezon City, the Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management (DIDM) through its School for Investigation and Detective Development reported a 100% accomplishment on the formal training of its 7,264 PNP investigators occupying investigative positions.

The quest to improve the competency of police investigators is part of PDDG CACDAC’s legacy in the field of investigation. After taking over the helm as the Director of DIDM in August 2010, he lead the re-engineering team from the DIDM family and immediately went to work in order to address the gap identified during the conduct of the training needs analysis (TNA).

It was found out that one of the areas that need immediate attention is the lack of competent and effective field investigators who possess the skills and the right attitude to work on a case and pursue it until resolved by the courts.

As such, PDDG CACDAC maneuvered DIDM towards gaining its niche in the field of investigation and detective management work through a three-fold framework such as: human resource development, standardization of systems and procedures, and facilities and equipment development. He focused on how to enhance the competency of the investigators and came up with the Investigative Capability Framework as its major priority to strengthen the PNP’s investigative capability. The proverbial challenge was how to train 5,409 or 74.46% of the 7,264 investigators all over the country who have no formal training on investigation. Hence, PDDG CACDAC’s team restructured the PNP’s Investigative Training Program through LOI CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION COURSE and also produced the first-ever Standard Training Package to standardized the training of CIC nationwide.

PCSUPT JOSE JORGE E CORPUZ, Officer-in-Charge, DIDM said PDDG CACDAC will always be remembered in the Investigation Family as the leader with a big heart for the investigators. In fact, the PNP is now realizing the goals of what he started. From a high 74.46% investigators who had no formal training on investigation but are occupying investigative positions nationwide, this very low competency can now be officially said as 100% accomplished or 0% to be trained.

PCSUPT CORPUZ further reported that the dysfunction which impedes investigative competency has already been addressed since 100% of the personnel have already undergone formal training, after 178 CIC trainings conducted nationwide. This major breakthrough impels the full utilization of the trained investigators with the intention to improve crime solution efficiency and crime clearance efficiency, if not to totally eradicate crimes. Now, the training-equipped investigators are expected to carry out necessary skills in handling cases and pursue until the cases are resolved.